Seoul, July 2007

Totally lost contact from the world but i experienced a divine connection with my Dad during my first trip to Korea back in 2007..

A friend told me that if you passed by those mountains, you would hear the cries and weeping of the men and women who were storming heaven with their sad plight and asking God to change their situation.

Koreans do not typically pray silently, but rather, very loudly :p

From then on, prayer and fasting have been the hallmarks of the strong South Korean Church.

I cannot really find words to describe what I felt and experienced during my first visit to Prayer Mountain, outside Seoul..

I didn’t see a burning bush, receive the 10 Commandments, call down fire from heaven, or even see Jesus transfigured – but something happened to me on that mountain, something very special..

Every man has a mountain, and every mountain has a man.

Every man has a cause, something much bigger than himself, that he was created by God to spend the rest of his days investing his time, talent, and treasure into so as to leave this world a better place..