petite mischa

our mischa has become everybody favorite since last month and the good news is now they come in smaller size, 10mm and 12mm, JUST PERFECT..!!!

check out some new mischa colors such as clear pink, milky white and peach ^^

like i said before, our mischa ain’t a mass production..

be sure you got at least 1 mischa in your jewelry box..

mine is PEACH, how bout you?



Scarlet & Kaoru

one of my fave ceramic beads..

this cute + petite bunny came only in white + some floral spot, pink and baby blue..

meet Scarlet and Kaoru, our petite bunny in Autumn Story ^^


Meet Madison

meet our midnight shift buddies, Madison ^^

though they fly slowly but you gotta hurry to add em to cart before they gone forever!



Mischa & Charlotte

finally we launch everybody fave bracelet today..

one of a kind and only one stock for each design ^^

make sure you have one of them in your jewelry box!

mischa and charlotte are part of our limited edition ^^  

this unique piece of jewelry is made of floral beads & some swarovski balls..

oh, you gotta meet charlotte, quite the same with mischa but they got one of a kind charm that we choose carefully and yes they are so rare and eye catching ..

which one is your pick?

mischa or charlotte?



Autumn Story


Tell your story

It’s September!!! Fall is here, the season of harvest, colors, panda and teddy bears.

Soooo excited about this season coz I am going to Korea this fall ^^

And what makes me more excited is that I am about to launch our Autumn Story before leaving to Seoul.. 


Panda, teddy bear and roses are my picks this Autumn.. 

Recreate the fall season by telling your own story through our beads collection this Fall. 

Experiment, Create, Mix and Match. This collection combines the playfulness of panda, teddy bears, the deep meaning of roses, and the variety of multitudes of flowers. 

It’s gonna be a lot of roses and what makes it more special is that you gonna meet Maykayla the panda, Marjorie & Majorca the cute teddy bear..

Start making your own stories this fall with our sneak peek.


Head over to the store to start collecting with Maykayla the panda along with Marjorie and Majorca the teddy bears ^^

So, tell me your story…….

Sumptuous Sweets for you

hi ladies,

we are launching our Sweet Series as an initial collection for the store.

inspired by some of my fave desserts since I am a big fan of sweets, coffee, books and everything else in between ^^

I love munching on macaroons and Laduree is one of the best so far..

Thank you all for the superb response on our macaroon arm candy and i just can’t wait to launch my very fave dessert this week..!!!!

you can guess what I am about to launch if you are looking at my instagram pics about what i’ve been craving for lately ^^