Autumn In Seoul

28 Oct – 2 Nov 2013

It’s that time of the year again where we will have our Autumn Live Shopping.

What is live shopping?

is that you follow my trails throughout Korea and I will post some
accessories which I can order for you. We will post live instagram
photos through this post and you can contact me through Line with my handle hanarupark.

can ask for items on the photo via Line and I will get it for you. Of
course first come first serve and only limited amount every time. Line
makes it easier for me to process that.

You can also post comments on
my instagram but for orders please use Line for faster processing. You
can also email me at if you got no LINE..

During my trip, all store orders made after 25 October 2013 will be fulfilled starting 5 Nov 2013.

you all follow me in this awesome trip and we can go shopping
together. Follow this post for the live shopping experience, the smell
of cinnamon, the sound of crunchy leaves or just shopping paused with
latte while strolling the streets of Garosugil, a trendy place for 7,000
won latte, a slice of Seoul that’s been loved a bit too much..

the crowd at Hongdae with me and get ready to wake up late and stay up
late in Seoul’s number one tourism destination, Myeongdong, where the
streets are packed tightly with female shoppers who shop while munching
on street food ^^

Happy Shopping ^ ^


Autumn Giveaway

We have a surprise for you!!! As part of the Autumn in Seoul event, I will be doing a giveaway for 3 lucky winners. There will be no criteria to this giveaway, but if you advertise my site @hanarupark using the hashtag #autumninseoul on your twitter you will be entered. You can also click the button bellow for quick tweet.

The giveaway will run from today (21 October 2013) to 3 November 2013.

The lucky winners will be notified via DM on 5 November 2013.

Happy Tweeting!!!


Crazy Design Update ^^

Crazy design update ^^

Hanarupark have tons of new designs to grab from. This means also that some old designs will need to go for me to be able to accommodate requests.

They’re soooo cute and adorable it would be bad to miss them out.  New pastel colors to choose
from and the entire zoo is here : pandas, elephants, owls, kittens, rabbits and piggy.. Coupled with roses and chrysanthemum for you flower lovers.

 Start collecting and happy shopping ^^



Anaz Bracelet

Stumbled upon Anastasia Siantar IG couple of months ago and i was like, she got 30k followers?

I should put my web banner on her blog..!!!

That’s how it all started..

sending some of my design to Paris makes me jump for joy..
And when Anaz bring our bracelets to NYFW I was smiling ear to ear..
She’s such a sweetheart..

We named our bracelet Anaz coz we design em upon her special request to put Eiffel charm since she lives in Paris..

I never thought they will become everybody fave ^^

Pre Order your Anaz bracelet now coz Anaz bracelet will be discontinued this Autumn 2013, so it would be wise to get your hands on them now before they’re gone..