snowy seoul shopping ☃

finally it snows…!!!!!!!

anyone who is familiar with Seoul’s winter will tell you, the weather can be very unfriendly.. it can get very cold, windy and dry, all at the same time.. but don’t let that stop you from coming to Seoul during the winter! especially if you want to join our live shopping from January 6th-9th 2014 ☃

What is live shopping?

What you do is follow my trails throughout Seoul, Korea and I will post some accessories which I can order for you. We will post live instagram photos through this post and you can contact me through emailYou can ask for items on the photo via this email and I will get it for you. Of course first come first serve and only limited amount every time.

Last shopping I used LINE and it is such chaos that it will be easier for me if you email and I get all your order. Please use the hashtag #snowyseoulshopping as your subject to make it easier for me. You can also post comments on my instagram but for orders please use the email for an organized processing.

During this trip, the store will be closed temporarily starting 30 December 2013.

Hope you all follow me in this awesome trip and we can go shopping together. If you just want to follow along, this trip I will go to the frozen han river and yeouido park for a snowy adventure..

So, put on your warmest coat and come enjoy the amazing city with me thru instagram and twitter and join our SNOWY SEOUL SHOPPING and make this trip to Seoul in the winter totally worth it ^^

Happy Shopping ^ ^


Christmas Giveaway

here comes another GIVEAWAY ^^

its been a while since we giveaway some of our designs to you, our lovely followers..

make sure you follow me on instagram and twitter and we will pick 3 winners randomly..

what’s for the giveaway? wait til they arrived then you’ll know it ^_____^



let it snow ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃

I am postponing my trip to Seoul until end of December coz i’m waiting for moreee snow to fall in Seoul ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃

while waiting for my winter wonderland trip, i’ll throw some new designs this week for you christmas shoppers ^^

add them to cart as a gift to your loved ones or you can wear em to share Christmas with people around you ^^


Christmas shopping in Seoul

December 16 – 19th 2013


Thank you for your support to Three months has passed since the web is online and the response from you has been amazing. It’s time for another update ^^

feels like i just unpack my bag and now it’s time to start packing for another trip to Seoul agaiiiiiin ^^ forget about those crunchy leaves in autumn coz i’ll be seeing frozen Han River and snow all over Seoul this time..!!!

make your Christmas shopping list today and follow me on Instagram to keep you update about cute stuff i bought in Seoul starting from Dec 16th-19th ^^

email me at if there’s any cute stuff that you want to get from my Instagram posts from Seoul ^^ would love to get em for you and wrap it exclusively in our special Christmas box and send em right away on Dec 21st, just right on time before Christmas ^____^