springing forward

sandwiched between winter and spring, our very first Cruise Collection become everybody fave and must have item this week ^^ all gone within seconds on the web..!!!!!!!

i bet people can tell that you are wearing our Cruise just in one glance (^.^)v

Hanarupark 180

i am preparing for another trip to seoul again on february 24th until march 5th that means 9 days of springing forward in korea ^______^

will keep you update thru instagram and will be uploading new arrival on our website almost everyday from seoul ok.. www.hanarupark.myshopify.com

Hanarupark 181

i will instagram like crazy once i get to Seoul ok.. will upload more cute cake, more coffee shop, more yummy snack, more scenery and more info bout hotel that i am staying around Myeongdong..

Hanarupark 182

by the way i was head over heels + jump for joy coz i got my multiple entry visa from the Korean Embassy last week.. thanks Dad..!!!! definitely will travel more to korea this year..!!!

Hanarupark 183

i was googling for my next trip to seoul on spring (yes i am goin again on april..!!!) and stumbled upon this HELLO KITTY ROOM from Lotte Hotel in Jeju Island ^^ Lotte Hotel is one of the leading five star luxury hotels in South Korea and Jeju is an island located at the southern most part of South Korea ^^

Hanarupark 184

and according to Lotte Hotel Jeju web, you can only make phone reservations for these rooms.. check em out at www.lottehoteljeju.com ok ^^

Hanarupark 185

can’t wait until spring and explore more on Jeju island ^______^

but for now, don’t forget to follow me on instagram to keep you update about my trip to Seoul on Feb 24th until March 5th ^^ we are in this trip together..!!!!!!!

i love what i do, i do what i love ෆ

it all started when i finish my study in Law Faculty..

i’ve been workin as a holiday consultant, broadcaster, music director, lawyer assistant, boutique owner and then finally met my dream job as a designer of Hanaru Park 🙂

if you love your job, you will do the extra miles..!


I love my job because it is a combination of working with wonderful fabric and design in one setting. It is a deeply touching experience to see my customer beautiful transformation when they wear Hanaru Park collection ^^

The biggest lesson for me is realizing that even in business, like in life, there is a constant fluctuation of ebb and flow and that no matter what, you have to stick with it and keep focusing on your dream. Realizing that your own fear is not a fact and keep taking action towards your dreams will make your own doubts disappear. Our biggest enemy is usually ourself!

The defining moment for me was when i decided to branch out on my own and left my previous work. I was now on my own and had to completely rely on my self, my craft and my knowledge of business.

Well not really on my own coz i got my twinzie who help me to manage em all behind the scene ^^ and also i got 1 big boss behind all this marvelous work and His name is Jesus ^________^


Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.. i love what i do, i do what i love, i love my design job, my customers and the sleepless nights that come with it.. when you truly believe in your work and enjoy what you do, it no longer becomes work ^^

Listen to your heart! Go for it!

If you don’t know what your dream is yet, look at things in your life that you love doing. Things that when you do them you are totally present to the experience and you feel blissful. Do one small thing a day to get closer to your vision. Never give up.. You can accomplish anything you set your mind and heart to do. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. Prove them wrong and yourself right.

I am a true believer in “Do what you love and the money will follow”.

I am certain that there is a place for everyone’s unique abilities in this world. Hold on to all of your dream..


Most people don’t find their heart’s desire, because they decide to pursue just half their dream and consequently hunt for it with only half a heart.

If you decide to pursue your whole dream, your best dream, the one you would die to do, i guarantee you that you will ^^

it is this passion which often is the difference between successful career changes and unsuccessful ones (^.^)v