Survey Result!!

The survey result is finally tallied and … thank you for all that has take their time to fill the survey.

I love hearing from you and thank you sooooooo much for the support all this time. wouldn’t have grown so much if it’s not for you guys and your support.

As promised I already gave out presents for six lucky girls that helped us fill out this survey. You should have received emails from us for your surprise package. Help us tag it on the instagram and tag me using @hanarupark on instagram.

Hanarupark 171

Here are some points from the survey :

  • Most of you heard our site from Instagram (82.5%) and several from Anaz’s blog ( (12.5%)
  • Quite a lot of you browse and checked our site from Smartphones (60%) and Tablets (12.5%).
  • You want me to put more pictures and details on the designs on the shop (30%) and make old designs available again (25%)
  • You want me to design and put out more Bag Charms and Hair Accessories items (25% each)
  • Your favorite designs are Winter Charlotte (33%) and Aoki collection (19%)
  • In my travel you would like to see more Street Fashion (32.5%) photos and Cute Cakes (27.5%)

From these points I can now plan for the Korea trip better and also roll out some new updates on designs and MAYBE release old design 🙂 As time progresses, these inputs will be reconsidered again and again and I will make decisions based on your inputs and the exciting plan I have for hanarupark ahead of time.

A lot of you also posted on the comments that you want to have custom designs made by me. I tried that in the past and it requires soooo much time to make, and sometimes the combination is not to my liking. I am sorry but for now the options for custom designs are pending because I have much to do with all your orders and thinking of new designs. I hope the next designs will be to your liking and you can grab the limited editions one. I will definitely post more pictures as you requested for the details and make better description for the designs. It will take time ^_^ -v

I am going back to Seoul in three weeks for Cherry Blossom ^^ will shoot around Yeouido Park and will try to catch some Street Fashion and more cute cakes. I am sooooo happy that you guys want me to get more cute cakes picture ^^.

Let’s just hope I don’t gain ‘that‘ much weight >_<

Look forward for the update on the hanarupark store and check out the exciting designs and collections coming soon.

밥 먹자 (let’s eat..!!!)

i’ll be goin back to seoul soon and it push me to open my korean book for study.. as i was flippin thru my “survival korean” book, i found this chapter about understanding the korean world and would love to share to you all ^^

a typical korean dinner table can seem bewildering to a newcomer. dishes are spread out all over the place and you may not know when you’re eating your food or when you’re stealing someone else’s food. let me give you the basics.

usually there is a main dish (typically a soup or stew, sometimes meat) that is shared by all. there are also many side dishes called 반찬, and these are also shared by all. you get a bowl of rice, a soup bowl which goes to the right of the rice, chopsticks and a spoon all for your own. and remember that the spoon is for the rice! you may have seen Asians on TV scooping rice into their mouths with chopsticks before, but they weren’t Koreans! the Japanese and Chinese sometimes eat that way, but Koreans use their spoons for rice and soup. the chopsticks are usually metal chopsticks too, which can be a little more challenging than the wooden or plastic chopsticks you’re used to. you’ll get the hang of it >.<

you may also find that Koreans eat unbelievably fast!!! that’s what happens when you grow up in a culture where you eat most of the dishes together. the fastest eater gets the most..!!!

Hanarupark 172

Call of Spring ෆ

landed in seoul on my bday, the cold winds and freezing temperatures of winter have passed and spring is drawing near, this is the day The Lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it!

Hanarupark 173

i am all excited to share to you my trip to seoul last week while throwing new designs on the web ^^ and yes.. some already gone within seconds :p

the weather was quite friendly and chill this time and i got to visit some new places here and there in seoul and i can say that Banana Tree is one of my fave ^^

petite yet cozy place, friendly staff, yummy banana toast and good coffee in this hidden gem..

i was soooo tired that day so i decided to take taxi to get there and since i already got the address on my phone, the driver took me there right away..!!!

if you plan to visit Banana Tree, go to Sinsa exit 6, right behind the casamia building..

Hanarupark 174

i also manage to visit Hello Kitty Cafe in HongDae..

i bet all people travel to Seoul stop by at this cute pinky building..

Hanarupark 175

i had my morning coffee at Passion 5, ittaewon on my second day and it was the most expensive cappuccino i had so far (^.^)v

Hanarupark 176

don’t forget to go to the second floor and order this floating cloud cappuccino!

Hanarupark 177

i heard about the crazy line at Soft Tree couple of months ago and finally got a time to visit and try this awesome organic vanilla soft serve with a chunk of honeycomb on top ^^ OMG i want one NOW….!!!!!!

Hanarupark 178

i can say that one of my fave spot is Garosugil, a district in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, a place where you can find all the unique designer stores and lovely coffee shops ^^ as for me, this is the right place to go..! please make sure to put this spot on your list if you travel to seoul ok ^^

Hanarupark 179

and now that i am back in town which means back to work in my playground while waiting for my next trip back in seoul next month to meet the clouds of pink ^^ jump for joy..!!!