summer story ෆ

falling between spring and autumn..

every summer has a story..

and one can never have too many accessories..

after all those hectic week back in seoul, miracle after miracle and the fastest sale on scarlet date, today we launch our summer story collection..

Hanarupark 154

i always dream of a garden outside my bedroom window and my love of garden and coffee inspired me a lot for this summer story and i get my passion for fresh flowers and coffee from my mom ^.^

so you gonna see a lot of floral beads, coffee, scarlet robot, helena ballerina, kitty, fresh green beads and flowers charms, we’re spending summer in the garden while sipping coffee ^^

Hanarupark 155

gone with the wind. . .

this week has been an awesome week for me. ever since coming back from seoul and doing this release i have been blessed abundantly. this post is to let you know that i love you..!!!

earlier this week i posted a new scarlet collection and my initial intention is to leave it up a week to see how you feel about the new collection.. i have made plans for the upcoming weeks also but God’s plan is better..!!!!! so much better ^.^  within 48 hours i got notification that all of it were gone with the wind, literally. the scarlet date collection is the fastest sale to date for us.

thank you sooo much, girls, for your love of my designs and the support that you’ve shown me. i cannot thank you enough !!!! now i need to fulfill all your orders and create better designs for you.

i’ve been listening to your request and on this post i also want to give you a sneak peek of the upcoming designs and about the things to come with hanarupark. i hope you can be patience enough to wait for me to launch this next collection. can’t wait ^.^

Hanarupark 156

Hanarupark 157

scarlet date ෆ

it’s all about scarlet, our fave robot this week ^.^

i want a fun color for our scarlet edition and it’s going to come by way of pastel..

peach, mint, lilac, pink or whatever you want to call it..

nothing says spring quite like pastels..!!!

i’ve got plenty of pastel beads and hopefully by the end of the day my web will have the pop of color that i’ve been craving..

now i just need that scarlet ^_______^

Hanarupark 158

“ok, i’ll leave it up for a week and see how you feel about scarlet..

it’s in the little things. . .

got everything that i pray for
even a little more
when i ask to learn humility
this is what i was told

it’s the little things.. it’s the little things..
and the joy they bring, it’s the little things..

never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their heart ෆ

enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things..

really love this sentence “it’s in the little things” since looooong time a go and it means a lot to me, i even put em on my instagram bio ^.^

during my trip back to seoul last week i had a chance to meet and work with Ken Lee for hanaru park’ lookbook.. after mixed up between the coffee bean and cafe bene, we finally met that tuesday afternoon and start chasing blossoms at yeouido park..

Hanarupark 159

thanks God for providing the best spot just for us that day though the cherry blossom was at the end of their bloom and some already fluttering to the grass like a pink blanket, we still can make the best out of it ^_______^

i’ve been working with some photographers before and i must say that Ken is the one who finally can catch what i really really want from my designs.. 2 thumbs up..!!!

after a loooooong day photoshoot, we continued our work at Samcheongdong while sipping our coffee.. can’t wait to see the results and launch our lookbook on the web so that i can share with you all from behind the scene of my work to things that melts my heart.. it’s in the little things ෆ

Hanarupark 160

the saying goes “time flies when you’re having fun” and i couldn’t agree more. when it comes to traveling back to seoul, as fun as it is, there should really be an entirely separate saying for what time does! those days span the period of time when we were beads and charms hunting, then praying, then buying, then designing, then thinking of the name of the bracelet, then uploading on the web, then packing, then receiving your emails that never fails to put a smile on my face 🙂

so little by little, project by project, meeting by meeting, prayer by prayer, we are well on our way to making this hanaru park completely “us” ^.^

every single thing we’ve done to this brand has been followed by a good friend saying, “are you taking pictures? you should be blogging this.” for him, it’s a no brainer. having a visual record of every design we’ve made is incredibly satisfying! don’t get me wrong, it is for me too. but i also consider all of the hours that blogging takes. it’s a commitment. i just need to find a way to do it differently than i had before. i can’t deny the value that it holds for us in capturing the memories.. it’s in the little things..

Hanarupark 161

you know how the saying goes, it’s better to give, than to receive. i grew up hearing this.. the beauty of it is that, it’s true! we got 2 korean starbucks tumbler that i bought during my trip to give to my dear followers.. congrats to Rita and Irine ^.^ nice catch..!!! will send em tomorrow ok..

Hanarupark 162

i may not know everything about seoul (trust me i don’t) and i don’t speak korean fluently (though i wish i can master korean language since i studied in korean school back in beijing years ago ~.~) but i know some cozy places that always on my list every time i travel to seoul, and one of em is “Banana Tree”

went there last week coz i ve been craving for their perfect cotton candy latte + yuuuuum flower pot cake..

바나나트리 – Banana Tree

526 신사동 강남구, Seoul, Korea

(82) 02-3442-6050

Operation Hours
Monday – Friday 11:00am – 20:30pm
Saturday 11:00am – 21:00pm

Hanarupark 163

what trip to Seoul is complete without making our way to Garosugil, the “Soho of Seoul”?

don’t be afraid to explore the small alley ways and streets around Garosugil. when i did that, i came across Soft Tree.. and that’s how i met this soft ice cream with a real piece of honey comb on top for the first time..

Hanarupark 164

last but not least, Passion 5 (패션5)

the name Passion 5 comes from the combining of five elements: the bakery, patisserie, chocolates and café and the 5th is the passion of those who create the desserts.

i adore their cute cakes from owl to snowman, that always got more than 1000 likes every time i post em on instagram ^.^ not to mention their famous cotton cloud cappuccino..

Address: 272, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 용산구 이태원로 272 (한남동)

3 minutes walk from exit #3 of Hangangjin Station, Subway Line 6

Hanarupark 165

back in town means back to work and i am all excited..!!!  it tugs at my heart, makes me smile. i think about it all the time. there are plenty of ideas. when you are passionate about something, it is part of you and God put it there for a purpose, to bless others..

if you would like to see what we’ve been up to, it’s all on my  instagram ^^

Tumbler Giveaway

Hanarupark 166

greetings from seoul ^^

I am here looking at cherry blossom spring flowers blooming away in yeouido park and doing photoshoot. the store is closed right now while I am updating the designs.

while waiting for the store to open you can take part in this contest to win a beautiful hangul starbucks tumbler exclusive to korea that I will bring back to give to you.

you can participate by taking a picture of you wearing our hanarupark designed product (originals only please), then, tag @hanarupark on instagram so I know you are in. You can submit one picture only and use your best artistic skill to let yourself shine. but please, I am not interested in you taking a selfie and longshot with barely noticeable bracelets… then I cannot verify that you are using @hanarupark designs.

I will give away 2 tumbler for winners and will pick the best shot from you. you can also invite your friends for this giveaway who has not followed my instagram.

winners will be announced April 23. I will contact you directly via instagram.

start clicking away ladies 🙂

pastel perfection ෆ

off to seoul in 2 days.. tons of work and meeting awaits even on my first day, i am all excited..!

and it’s about time to lauch our “Pastel Perfection” for this spring-summer collection, from pretty pinks to sugary shades of lilac.. soft crushed candy is the shade of choice this year at hanaru park..

when you think Spring, you think flowers, picnics, cute dresses.. and pastel everything.. pastels are one of this season’s biggest trends and the perfect look! not only is it flattering, the colors are just perfect for Spring ^.^

pastels may have been a huge hit for 2013 but they are sticking around a little longer. pastels are going to be everywhere..

get ready coz i will be uploading our “Pastel Perfection” straight from seoul on tuesday and reveal our spring giveaway while doing the photoshoot for the latest designs.. check out the stores and updates on our regular channels ^o^ v

all orders will be fulfilled on April 22nd from surabaya..

keep checkin our web and follow me on instagram to keep you update while i am cafe hopping in seoul ^______^

Hanarupark 167

understanding the korean world ෆ

as i study this “survival korean” book, i would love to share to you all what i read tonite ^.^

~* when you’re going out to eat with korean people, you don’t decide where to eat; you decide what to eat. in many countries you pick the restaurant first, and then you pick your food from a varied menu and you get your own plate. not in korea, where everyone usually eats the same thing. picky eaters are hard to come by. it’s all another part of how people become closer in korean culture.

Hanarupark 168

many restaurant in korea, like world famous korean barbecue, have only a few things on the menu. some of the best restaurants i’ve ever been to in korea have only had ONE thing on the menu. if they only serve one thing, you KNOW they must do it well!

my all time fave is 삼계탕 ^^ what’s yours?

Hanarupark 169

chasing cherry blossom

hi all..

i will come back to seoul next week for cherry blossom festival in yeouido park (smiling ear to ear……..) and i’ll be doing a photoshoot for the new designs with one korean blogger there.. who??? you will find out real sooooon..

it’s starting to bloom this week, i hope and pray they’re not turning into leaves once i arrive..!!!

this idea just popped out on our last meeting and now i’ve been looking for a special surprise for you, readers, stay tune and check our website on tuesday, April 15th at 11 AM ^.^ you’re going to love it..!!!

the store has been gathering steady visit from customers and i am so grateful for that ^_^ v

don’t forget to follow our instagram @hanarupark and check here often for updates, especially on April 15th ^.^

have a great weekend!!!!!!!

( ^o^ )/

Hanarupark 170