Dream vs Reality

I got featured in a blogpost by Ken Lee in Seoul State of Mind ^^

Thanks to him my dream is moving forward just enough to get me super excited for the lookbook I am planning next month. His style is a bit ‘dark’ but somehow it matches up. It creates just the look I wanted for the vintage collection designs.

This is a great collaboration that I am looking forward to. Always excited to work with great talent as it opens up more possibilities and freshen up my perspective. Can’t wait to put the lookbook up!!! Be ready also for a special surprise for you guys next month ^^

If you want to see more of his work you can check out his Instagram @seoul_stateofmind

This is how we look like behind-the-scene for the photoshoot. Not what you expected, but funny at the same time ^o^

Hanarupark 152

a collection update

hi all..

Last week we launched our bag charm and it was sold out in a day. I am so happy that you all like it!!! to God be the glory ^_______^

I am preparing a big project for hanarupark. if you noticed my instagram kinda hibernated this week coz I’ve been busy preparing for our very own lookbook..

This lookbook is to document hanarupark journey for you ^^

I will show you some of our old designs so that you know we’re more than just cute kawaii giyowo designs hahahahaha.. To show you that hanarupark is about simplicity and playful colors. On my last trip to Seoul, I did some photoshoot for this purpose. I worked to capture  all of our bestsellers since 2012 until 2014 with Ken Lee from seoulstateofmind.com.

I will show you behind the scene of how i design, my inspiration, and where the name comes for all the bracelet before uploading on the web.. What was just a hobby has turned into a fun playground with hanarupark..

From spring to autumn, from summer to winter, I love em all and this season inspired me a lot in designing our limited edition.. The coffee culture, the streets of seoul, are just part of the inner workings that inspire me. Look forward to the lookbook coming soon…. very soon.

And what keep me busy is that i need to select best of the best pics and I got thousands of pics to choose from >.< but it’s FUN..!!!

I am working on our vintage designs at the moment.. though you’re not much a vintage shopper but you gonna love these vintage pieces.. hidden gems were found here and there in Seoul..

Our vintage bracelets will indeed something to behold ^^

Catch them all in the next update… coming soon to the store…

Hanarupark 153 Sneak peek… coming soon