20K giveaway

it is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together and thanks Jesus for makin em fall into places in His perfect timing.. we will shine for You ^^

it’s been a wonderful journey with you all on instagram ^^ and now that we reached 19K followers (yaaaaay..!!!) after all those trips to seoul, meetings, shopping, half chillin half workin and tryin my best to keep you update about what’s new in seoul through this blog, today me and my twin sis decide to throw another giveaway once we reached 20K followers on instagram..

there will be no criteria to this giveaway, simply follow us on instagram and twitter and we will announce 3 winners on instagram once we reached that 20K ok..

what’s for the giveaway? wait til they arrived then you’ll know it ^_____^

the giveaway will run from today..!!!

Hanarupark 137

my kinda summer ෆ

hi all…

back in town with my overweight luggage (as always) and just launch the new designs on the web, let me sip a cup of cappuccino before madness >.<

can’t even begin to tell you how awesome this summer trip to seoul..!!! not to mention the first meeting on my first day right after the korean air landed at incheon airport.. i do really need to improve my korean so the next meeting would be better and easier :p

Hanarupark 138

then photoshoot on the second day at Banana Tree with Ken Lee it was fun as always and thank God we met the branch manager of Banana Tree that day and she gave us extra cotton candy and even change the flower pot into pink..!!!

Hanarupark 139 here’s our new design for Anaz that we shot in Banana Tree ^^ it’s a beautiful combination of black, white and red..

the photoshoot continued to Dodang Park, Bucheon established in 1998, the million rose blossom garden is the nation’s largest rose garden with its 200,000 rose bushes and early summer in June, the Mt. Dodang rose garden is filled with sweet fragrance of roses ^^ just right on time but too many distractions for me :p

Hanarupark 140

thanks Ken for being a great photographer + excellent tour guide that day.. i will never forget that 17 stops accompanied by a large iced americano to keep you awake, fightiiiing..!!!

Hanarupark 141

third day was our LOOKBOOK launching and i was running errands due to another meeting and this and that and another this another that.. thanks all for your never ending support all this time and can’t thank you enough for following my trip through instagram since last year..

Hanarupark 142

finally i can relax a bit on the fourth day and off to Samcheongdong and Garosugil for a stroll ^^ bought some cute tee for my twin sis and order one glass of iced chocolate at Godiva.. time to catch a breath and munching on my fave mochi.. it was rainy that day, oh dear Seoul, your weather may be moody but i still love you to pieces ෆ

Hanarupark 143

my last day in seoul was unbelievable tight schedule coz i had my last meeting with Hanna before off to the airport and thank God i still had a chance to order my last persimmon bingsoo on my last day, yaaaay..!!! it was a marvelous journey and i am thanking God for guiding each step and each decision that i make during this trip.. dear Jesus, you never fail to amaze me ^.^

Hanarupark 144

lookbook launching ෆ

hello from seoul ^__________^

finally today we launch our lookbook on the web. . . such a relieved. . let me join the crowd while you flipping through our lookbook. . but first, iced americano hana juseyooooo :p

it’s like a dream come true but when it’s too good to be true it’s gotta be God coz He does stuff like that.. we wouldn’t be where we are today without His love, mercy, redemption and direction.. thanks Jesus.. what was just a hobby has turned into a fun playground ^^

prayer by prayer, little by little, project by project, meeting by meeting we are well on our way to making this hanarupark completely us ^^

we love our job because it’s a combination of working with cuteness overload material and design in one setting. it is a deeply touching experience to see the smile of our customer every time they open the package and reading their email always put a smile on our face ^^

head out to http://blog.hanarupark.com/lookbook-2014/ to check it out

thanks all for the never-ending support..!!!

Hanarupark 145

seoul summer escapade

seven trips to seoul in twelve months might not sound like too much and i know exactly what it’s like to get home in the midnight after the trip with overweight luggage, exhausted look but yet excited and can’t wait to style those pieces ^.^ it tugs at my heart.. when you enjoy what you do, it no longer becomes work..

and today i am sooo excited knowing that i’ll be home in 48 hours..!!!

what makes me never get bored of seoul is that not too many cities in the world have royal palaces that are hundreds of years old sitting next to huge modern urban skyscrapers and seoul has an interesting balance with it’s ancient history and ultra modern development.. this unique and beautiful contrast between old and new in seoul is another reason you should find yourself in seoul soon ^^

Hanarupark 146

meeting and photoshoot are waiting for me on my first and second day in seoul and i will try to relax on the third day though i know this sounds impossible but no worries, i will always find a time to catch cute cakes and hidden gems coffee shop for you..!! and another good news is that we will launch our lookbook on the web while i am in seoul, we are in that final push..!!!

Hanarupark 147

follow this post for our lookbook launching, another collaboration with Anastasia Siantar and photoshoot with Ken Lee + cafe hopping with the sound of barista shout iced americano or just shopping paused with iced latte while strolling at Garosugil, the “Soho of Seoul”

keep checking our web coz i’ll be uploading new designs straight from seoul and all orders will be fulfilled on June 24th from surabaya ^^

Hanarupark 148

a year walk. . .

today i just received payment for my blog.. one year already..!!!!

time flies..

actually i started on 2009 in the blogspot but it’s more like my personal blog and just about one year ago i start to write more properly >.< i switched to squarespace to start getting more professional. it provide me with a good platform and easy to edit (^.^)v

2013 is the year where me and my twin sis decided to move on with the online shop and start setting it up in around June. it all started with moving the blog to this place. from there the online shop is the natural step forward and then finally it opened in September..

Hanarupark 149

lots of people asked me on instagram what i do for living.. well this blog makes me travel to seoul a lot coz of my work as one of the designer here at hanarupark..

my job is to pick all those hidden gems i found here and there in seoul and then write about places that i visit in between.. it’s not all about money, really.. i write this blog simply because i want you to feel the excitement and the love that i have for seoul.. and i hope you do ^^

thanks Jesus to make em all fall into places..

Hanarupark 150

sweet summertime

14 days to go..!!! i am all excited to go back seoul this summer ^___________^

summer in seoul (june-august) means the day become longer and shorter night (yaaaay!!). summer is one of the proof that Korea is a land of extremes in that it is as hot and humid while the Korean winter is cold and dry. Summer weather is unpredictable with monsoon rains beginning near the end of June and lasting until mid to late July, and when it’s not raining it’s hot and humid which makes your clothes sticky and smelly.

because it’s hot and sticky, summer in seoul also means more patbingsu 팥빙수 (yaaaaay again..!!!). Patbingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red bean paste.. will post more patbingsu on my summer trip to instagram!

and what makes me more excited is that our lookbook will be launched this summer, new designs for Anastasia Siantar and another photoshoot with Ken Lee ^^ Look forward to those in the coming weeks..

Hanarupark 151