counting days. . .

so, iam heading to seoul again next week ✈️?? my schedule for this trip is a little bit crazy but i can’t wait to share a really fun time behind all those meetings and photoshoot ?  ?  ?  though summer is the rainy season in seoul, the hot months of summer last from June to early September and Mid-July through mid-August is the hottest period >.< ok i’ll just bring my flipflop and lots of comfy tee..

Hanarupark 119

it’s been one hectic week with my twinzie, tons of order need to be send this week to Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei and we just launched another dominique on the web (again..!!!) so many things to catch up and thank God for giving us the creativity to keep on creating new designs and not to mention for the best health and strength to finish em all right on time and now we can chill a bit at home with our coldrip..!!!

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last but not least i’ve been pushing myself to learn korean more and more lately due to some meetings that been waiting in line for me in seoul, aigoooooo.. but what makes me excited is that i will hunt for more coffee shops and cute cakes for you..!!! don’t forget to follow our hashtag on instagram ?? ?  #hanaruparkinkorea to keep you update ? ?  we’re in this journey together..!!!

dazzling dominique ෆ

hi ^.^

i would like to thank you all for the 20K followers on our instagram and congratulation once again to the 3 winners..!!! enjoy the gift, dear..

hanaru park is all about what we love, our passion and creativity.. we tell our story with our designs, pastel colors, flowers, coffee and cake.. our brand is about building loyal followers who love what we do and believe in us.. it is simply just us, what we love, and all the beautiful things that God has done in our life..

and with our designs we hope that people will notice not just me, but my Lord.. when the work of my hands makes people smile, that’s where my heart is.. using the talent that He gives me through hanarupark to bring smiles to people’s faces, God smiles too ^__^ true that each person is given something to do that shows who God is..

whether you work at home or in the marketplace, your work matters to God.. whether you log on or lace up for the day, you imitate God.. your career consumes half of your lifetime.. shouldn’t it broadcast God?

God honors your work, so honor God in your work.. when you do what you do to the best of your abilities, you put a smile on God’s face.. what could be better than that?

And today we launch more dominique on the web (yaaaaaaay..!!!). It’s been one hectic week since we decided to restock dominique design on the web.. the design first launched on spring and it became everybody’ fave until today.. if you love bracelet and adore bag charms, then dominique is for you ^^. They came in many colors, from black to pink, peach and mint, you name it.. what makes them special is we pick the perfect charms that  tells a story behind it, from chit chat over coffee to a trip to paris.. it’s always fun to design more and more dominique and share our story in it ^^

Hanarupark 121 the must have mix blue dominique bracelet ^^

Head to our store and start collecting before they are gone forever.. all orders will be fulfilled on August 6th (because of holiday the shipping company will be back on business on that date and yes it’s gonna be a long holiday)

as you read this blog, i’ll be on my way to Bali (agaiiiiiin..) please check my instagram from time to time for more updates and enjoy the dominique dose ^__________^

Hanarupark 122 this pink dominique sold out within seconds on the web last week..

i ෆ hanarupark

My heart is full of joy as i sit here with my coffee..

During the process of making our look book, i was so blessed to be surrounded by the help of you, hanarupark lovely bloggers, fans, and customers…  I know you all through your instagram..

I can’t thank you enough for all your help, all your email that send me your lovely pictures of our bracelets and bag charms.. this blog post is dedicated to you all..

First of all I want to thank this cute blogger that i met on instagram, Cynthia who studied at Busan, thanks for your lovely shot with the coffee ^^

Hanarupark 129 Cynthia Saputra of wearing Helena and Initial Bracelet.

and i wanna say special thanks to Anaz for the team up all this time and staying by our side liking the design… Those oh-so-black Anaz bracelet that we launched on our lookbook launching day is gone within seconds >.<

Hanarupark 130 Anastasia Siantar of wearing Anas Bracelet

I would like to say thank you to April and Summer, the daughters of Kay and Jo Widira from the Moreno Photography ^^ though i never meet you girls in person but I always adore your lovely shots and your mom’ instagram. This candid shot of our Michy bracelet from the Summer Story is fabulous ^^

Hanarupark 131 April and SUmmer of is wearing Michy Bracelet

Next up is our lovely customer Aida Setiawan. I want to thank Aida for all the cute stuff that we sometimes use for the props that you send me and thanks for the lovely pics that u shot for our lookbook ^^

Hanarupark 132 Aida Setiawan is wearing our Sweet Series

My thanks also goes to Pupu Paula. Thank you for your help, encouragement, and support… It really made my day.. You gave me so much that i have nothing left to say but “Thank You!” ^^

Hanarupark 133 Pupu Paula of is wearing Naomi and Dominique Bracelet

The next photos have a funny story of how I get to talk and know Fen from Axioo ^^

One of her friends, Christina ordered some bracelets and i ask her to give some of my designs to Fen and she really like it and it really made me jump for joy when she post our bracelets on her instagram thanks so much Fen for bringing our armcandies travel around the world..! That photo of Kaoru bracelet with a desert background of Dubai is exquisite.

Hanarupark 134 Fen of is wearing Aoki, Charlotte, Miranda and Kaoru Bracelet

Met the lovely Elle Yamada of again through instagram and end up by sending them two bestsellers of hanarupark, Autumn and Charlotte Bracelet… Thank you for letting us use this shot.

Hanarupark 135 Elle of is wearing Autumn and Charlotte Bracelet

Last but not least thanks Etha Mohede for the support and lovely shot. Ended up using this shot for our lookbook… thanks for loving our designs..

Hanarupark 136 Etha Mohede is wearing Cruise and Nicole Bracelet,

hanarupark is here and has become what it is today because you guys supported us continually. The love is felt all the way across any digital and real distance between you and I.

Not all of these shot made it to our lookbook but it all left an impression on me how loved hanarupark is and this is why I keep doing what I am doing. It’s in the little things that matters.

Thank you.