popular pick ?

meet one of the most popular picks on hanarupark.com since we launched this initial bracelet 2 weeks ago from seoul ???

a classic chain gets a lovely update with the addition of colorful pastel cord skillfully woven through each link for a brazen braided look, this initial bracelet is definitely a fun way to add personality to your daily look..

Hanarupark 109 pic by Ken Lee from www.seoulstateofmind.com

all you gotta do is choose the initial that means the most to you, from A to Z.. choose your own or give a personal gift to someone you love.. each charm is beautifully stamped with script letters creating an elegant and classic look ?

chain link bracelets with colorful threads woven through them, have been popping up here and there but you can make em more personal by adding your initial charms.. it’s one of the kind..

Hanarupark 110 our initial bracelet colour so match with the patbingsoo and dango from Dango Jip, Seoul ^^

it was a fun photoshoot at Dango Jip, Seoul that day coz our bracelet blended so well with everything on the table ^_____^ go get yours today and start pairing em with your accessories ?

cafe hopping in seoul ??

sure lattes and cappuccinos are everybody fave but Korea added some extra fun to cafes with some really unique themes. just in Hongdae, alone, there were countless cafes >.<  i tried to visit as many as i could but every time i walked around, more cafes just kept popping up!

whether you’re a big fan of Rilakkuma or just adore the cutest cake on your plate, then Seoul is the place to go :p

i was told that there’s a lot of cute cafes around Hongdae but let me tell you something, there’s cafes EVERYWHERE!!!

Hanarupark 111 drools at Chocolat Yum, Hongdae, Seoul

it’s my first time doin this cafe hopping + another photoshoot with Ken Lee ^^ it takes a lot of walking, subway and taxi in between.. from alley to alley and not to mention the rain but i learned my lesson, so no more ?✌️

Let’s hop hop hop..!!!

Capi Capi Loom Loom (Rilakkuma Cafe) located in Sungshin Women University Station line 4 exit 1, turn right after u see KB bank and walk straight until you see a cross junction then turn left, walk for a minute, the cafe is on the right side.. They also sell lots of Rilakkuma goodies in their small shop..

Hanarupark 112 Capi Capi Loom Loom that’s how they say Rilakkuma in Korea :p

Dango is a Japanese dumpling and sweet made from mochiko (rice flour) ^^ Many of you asked where is this Dango Jip? Hongdae? Here’s how to get there: go to Sangsu Subway Station line 6 exit 2 then walk about 2 blocks until you reach a one way street, turn right, Dango Jip will be on your left ^^ Homey menu and cozy place for sure..

Hanarupark 113 officially sugar high at Dango Jip ^^

Chocolat Yum located in Hongdae, pretty much right before Hongdae Park.. i have a conclusion that Koreans are crazy over coffee and cookies.. other than kimchi, their second love is coffee :p

Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰

서울특별시 마포구 서교동 358-125

Hanarupark 114 cute cookies all over this place called Chocolat Yum in Hongdae..

i passed by this street couple of times but finally got a chance to visit this Cath Cafe last week for another photoshoot.. it’s better late than never.. located across Jeongdok Public Library in Samcheongdong, a must go for all Cath Kidston lover.. order, sit and enjoy the new Cath Kidston collection here..

Hanarupark 115 fresh watermelon juice at Cath’s Cafe, just perfect for summer in seoul..

looking over my trip to Seoul last week, that lunch over kimbab in the park, this cafe hopping and i will never forget that yummy chicken at samcheongdong, i can say that Seoul is treating me well and that’s why a part of me will always stay in seoul ^^ thanks Dad for this trip back home..

autumn song is coming ???

hello from seoul ^.^ just finished our first photoshoot and so excited to share the story..

i am always the first client every time we’re about to launch the new designs.. i will wear the bracelet and feel em on my wrist, if it’s comfy then it will be out on the web real soon ^^ and as a client, i always wanna do new stories with my accessories..

nowadays women make their own style, they know how to mix jewels up or wear one statement piece alone..

Hanarupark 116

autumn may seem far away, but designers are already showing their fall collections..

and today we finally launch our “Autumn Song” on the web..!!! start planning your wardrobe with our fall accessories and, good news, the soft shades you loved from spring 2014 such as mint greens, pastel pinks, baby blues fit right in for fall ^______^

head to our store now and get ready to collect the new melodies ^^

Hanarupark 117

a new song for you ?

hi all, our store is closed until next tuesday where we will launch the new designs live from seoul ^^ exactly one year since my first trip to seoul.. remember those live shopping back in 2013? ꒰ ꒡⌓꒡꒱ thank you so much for following my trip back home since last year.. to all new followers, simply check out our hashtag on instagram #hanaruparkinkorea to keep you update ok..

today me and my twin sis just had our meeting over coffee ^.^ we discuss about my cafe hopping list, what to buy and where to shoot our new designs in seoul and i’ll be doing another photoshoot and cafe hopping with Ken Lee from www.seoulstateofmind.com ^^

sure latte and cappuccino are on my list but Korea added some extra fun to the cafe with some really cute theme and you will surprise for where i am about to go on my cafe hopping next week ꒰ •ॢ  ̫ -ॢ๑꒱ forget about hello kitty cafe and cotton candy latte for a while coz i already got a long list of the new places..

it’s been one hectic week before off to seoul this week, so much to prepare for the new designs and we thank God for all the creativity and strength (looking at those schedule on my trip :p) true that to be creative you gotta be closer to The Creator.. He has given me a new song to sing. . .

see you all next week ꒰⁎ ✪̼ ◡ ✪̼` ⁎꒱﹡

Hanarupark 118 Molly’s Pop in Hong Dae taken by Ken Lee from www.seoulstateofmind.com