thanks for the love ෆ

this morning i sent 27 giveaway packages and then grab my coffee.. so much love in that box and i hope all the 27 winners love em ^______^v dear Mega, Sabrina, Winda, Cynthia, Ivana, Rosa, Tannia, Dian, Athena, Amanda, Tamara, Louise, Essy, Ayu, Audrey, Agnes, Maria, Lia, Catelya, Valentina, Olyvia, Yuli, Wei, Salsabila, Gadis, Shirleyana and Olivia thanks for the love ෆ ෆ ෆ please let me know once you receive the package ok..

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset iam blogging away…

as you go to now you can see that we already launch “Shannon” our Christmas bracelet and some collectors already add em to cart and once again, thanks so much for the love! Christmas comes earlier at hanarupark..!!! well, coz we learned from last year experience where we launch our “Shannon” exactly one week before December 25th and crazy orders on the web and tons of email asked me about when we will restock the Christmas bracelet and then we decided to make Pre Order Shannon Bracelet but some of them received the bracelet after Christmas coz i was still in Seoul that time..

Hanarupark 84 meet Shannon, our Christmas bracelet ^^

my trip to Seoul inspired our latest design a lot.. starting from my cafe hopping experience to your everyday fashion, a stylish start to winter with a red cup in your hand which means holiday is around the corner ^.^ it’s been one hectic week with tons of work (tons of fun..!!!) and new designs is on the list (sooooo exciteeeed..!) thanks Jesus for Your Word helps me to stay grounded in Your promises.. The Lord has been so merciful to show me that life apart from Him is nothing and what i really want is to bring Him Glory through my work ^^

and the joy that it bring •ᴥ•

holiday season is drawing near and today we got tons of new designs with a new story like a day in a park to all park bench lovers out there, dango date, apple and strawberry picking, chit chat over coffee even spend one quiet time reading your bible.. it’s all about holiday and the joy that it bring •ᴥ•

Hanarupark 85 Organic Milk with Honeycomb at Soft Tree, Garosugil,Seoul •ᴥ•

designing for me is a divine process.. there are many ideas that i want to express in one object with the help of Jesus, The Creator ^^ the creative process in hanarupark ain’t that complicated but more immediate.. when i am working on hanarupark design it has to come immediately and spontaneously with whatever is available at the moment.. if i think three times, i stop… but first thing first, PRAY 


Hanarupark 86 My Cup Overflows up on the web ^.^

i learned to get the “before” factor in my life.. Israel praised before Jericho walls fell.. Jesus gave thanks before bread and fish multiplied ? and each person is given something to do that shows who God is.. whether you work at home or in the marketplace, your work matters to God.. whether you log on or lace up for the day, you imitate God.. your career consumes half of your lifetime.. shouldn’t it broadcast God? God honors work, so honor God in your work.. when you do the most what you do the best, you put a smile on God’s face.. what could be better than that?

last but not least, you can do something no one else can do in a fashion no one else can do it.. exploring and extracting your uniqueness excites you, honors God and expand His kingdom..

Hanarupark 87 one of our bestseller, Aoki Bracelet ^.^

do all you were designed to do, and give all you were sent to give.. be satisfied with nothing less than your best ☕

27K giveaway ??

you know how the saying goes, it’s better to give, than to receive.. i grew up hearing this.. and the beauty of it is that, it’s true! we got 27 gifts that we prepare during my autumn trip to give to our dear followers.. what’s for the gift? you will find out later as you open the package ^.^ 

to win the giveaway, simply follow us and mention 3 of your friends to follow @hanarupark on twitter and instagram.. and we will announce the 27 winners on instagram once we reached 27.000 followers ok ^_____^ 

as for now, let me pack all those 27 gifts. . . . .

Hanarupark 88 one of the prettiest times of year in the park is now ????