hello holiday ෆ

thanks all for the superb response on Kitten & Mitten series..!!! we are ecstatic..!!! and today we launch another series still with this pink bowed kitty as the main character.. and yes, a trip to hello kitty cafe in Seoul inspired this new series a lot ^^

i went to Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae back in 2011 and this pink building always drag me back every time i join the Hongdae crowd >.< not to mention the one at incheon airport, i always find myself sit in that pinky couch with my cabin bag before boarding ;p

Hanarupark 70

holiday is about to start and this series called “hello holiday” is all about switch on to your holiday mode as you head out for vacation.. whether you plan a holiday or just stay at home cooking, reading and enjoying your me time, this series is for you.. because holiday is not about going places but it’s a state of mind..

i don’t have any plan where to go for this holiday coz together with my family is the place i wanna be and it’s called home ^.^

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as you head to our store, tie up your accessories collection with a limited edition hello kitty charms and pastel bracelets and act quick before she says goodbye and not hello.. who knows when she will come for another visit ^^

Bats, Kittens, and Mittens

the 1980’s marked the beginning of the era of professional baseball in Korea and the sport reached a new level of popularity when pitcher Chan Ho Park made his debut for the LA Dodgers in 1994.. i found out that baseball is the biggest sport in Korea when i watched Running Man episode 172 and 173 with Ryu Hyun Jin, a professional baseball pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers as the guest. Ryu was the first South Korean to serve as the starting pitcher of a Major League Baseball postseason game.

Hanarupark 72

for the love of baseball, today we launch everything about baseball for our designs ^^ and the best part is we named our bracelets using the terms used in baseball, starting from Battery Mates to Alabaster Blast.. as you head to our store you will see lots of black, white and grey colour for the designs..

Hanarupark 73

hidden gems were found here and there, from LA to Japan.. i collect em all since November, one by one and still waiting here for some limited edition baseball charms to arrive for the next two weeks ^^ our Kitten & Mitten series marked as Limited Edition.. it is a one off designs and is up for grabs..!!! be sure to get these baseball designs while they are available ෆ

when snoopy meet rilakkuma •ᴥ•

do you still remember when we first launch our Rilakkuma Michy back in autumn from Seoul? where we team up with one korean leather shop (i will never forget our meeting over iced americano that day ☕️☕️☕️) when it comes to travelling back to Seoul, as fun as it is, there should really be an entirely separate saying for what time does..!! those days span the period of time when we were beads and charms hunting and running from one meeting to another meeting then thinking of the design then launch em on the web then receiving your emails that never fails to put a smile on my face •ᴥ• so little by little, project by project, meeting by meeting, prayer by prayer, we are well on our way to making this hanarupark completely “us”

Hanarupark 74

i went to Capi Capi Loom Loom in Seoul to have my coffee during fall season and this small shop with lots of rilakkuma stuff inspired me a lot to design our Dominique Bracelet in rilakkuma theme and i can’t remember how many Rilakkuma Dominique that we design and send out until today ^^ starting from Rilakkuma sipping coffee, Rilakkuma on a dango date, picking strawberries with Korilakkuma and so much more.. thanks all for the love ෆ 

Hanarupark 75

Rilakkuma means bear in relaxed mood.. true to his name, he enjoys relaxing and his fave things include sleeping, lying around, watching television, listening to music, and soaking in hot springs and his fave foods are dango, pancakes, omurice and custard pudding. Rilakkuma is often accompanied by Korilakkuma “a mysterious white bear cub” who loves strawberries, apple and cherries.. they named her Korilakkuma because she looks like little Rilakkuma (“ko” means a little child in Japanese) And last one is Kiiroitori, a yellow chick who lives at Kaoru’s house. Kiiroitori means yellow bird in Japanese. Kiiroitori is basically the opposite of Rilakkuma because of the bird’s hard working nature and love of cleaning..

Hanarupark 76

a trip to Rilakkuma Cafe (Capi Capi Loom Loom) and Dango Jip inspired our new designs a lot ^.^  you will see a lot of dango as you head to our store..!!! from Dominique to Kaoru.. from Madison to Marjorie.. many of you asked where is this Dango Jip? here’s how to get there: go to Sangsu Subway Station line 6 exit 2 then walk about 2 blocks until you reach a one way street, turn right, Dango Jip will be on your left ^^ thanks to Ken Lee for the nice catch!

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as i travel a lot to Seoul, i passed by Charlie Brown Cafe many times at incheon airport and sometimes i stop by to grab my coffee before boarding.. and i’ve been following @snoopygrams on instagram and this Charlie Brown dog never fail to make me laugh with his story ^^ what i love about this comic is Snoopy also imagined himself as a self-proclaimed “famous writer” although his extremely short “novels” are never published and the two-paragraph one that managed to get published failed to sell >.< his character is that of a dog who pretends to be a person or who sometimes forgets that he is a dog.. Snoopy loves root beer and pizza and two things Snoopy dislikes are listening to balloons being squeezed and cats.. but he’s a very strong character. he can win or lose, be a disaster, a hero or anything and yet it all works out..

Hanarupark 78

and today we launch our Rilakkuma and Snoopy designs together on the web..!! as you head to our store you will meet Rilakkuma holding dango while Snoopy enjoying his root beer with Woodstock and Korilakkuma munching on cherries.. holiday mode ON ^___________^

Hanarupark 79

pink hood bunny ^^

it all started when i bought a “My Melody” clamshell phone for my niece at Lotte Mart, Seoul.. then this rabbit who always wears a red or pink hood that covers her ears stuck in my head for weeks >.< then i decided to launch her as our limited edition today ^^

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My Melody was first released in 1975 and according to The New York Times, this character is moderately successful in terms popularity but shows no signs of reaching the global popularity of Hello Kitty (aigoooo..) though she can’t beat the popularity of Hello Kitty we all still adore her and that’s one of the reason why we create a story with My Melody for our Dominique Pair today 

Hanarupark 81

with the launch of today’ designs we hope that people will notice not just me but my Lord.. when the work of my hands makes people smile, thats where my heart is and using the talent that He gives me through hanarupark to bring smiles to people’ faces, God smiles too ^^ true that each person is given something to do that shows who God is..

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head to our store and start collecting “My Melody” from bracelet to bagcharm and smile at the little things in life and the joy that this pink hood bunny brings •ᴥ•