hidden gems. .

though you’re not much a vintage shopper but you gonna love our vintage pieces.. hidden gems were found here and there.. and leave it to my twin sis to find the most rare beads and charms :p she never fail to amaze me with her catch of the day ever since we decided to launch this new series ^^

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none of me, all God.. that’s what we keep saying for everyone who ask about how to be successful in this online business? it’s not important to know everything you need to succeed but it is important to know THE ONE who knows.. it’s not always easy and smooth as you walk with God but how you respond to crisis in your life is the greatest message you’ll ever preach..!!! remember that God’s work starts at the edge of impossibility..

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as i am writing this blog, my friend whatsapp me this: God does not expect you to glorify Him with gifts you don’t have but He does expect you to glorify Him with gifts you do have because God has given you your gifts, talents and abilities and one day He’s going to say,” what did you do with them?”

it is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.. one of the best feeling in the world is getting paid to what you love to do.. and i was so blessed to get paid for doing what i love the most.. never in my life i dream to earn money from my hobby.. but i know God does stuff like that..!!! my work is a playground.. i feel a pang of guilt at times cause it doesn’t feel like work at all.. especially when i prepare for this “hidden gems” series.. i keep saying to myself, “smile at the little things in life cause the little things in life are the happiest” so much fun hunting for the limited pieces with my twin sister.. those moments in life when reality is even sweeter than our dreams ^_____^

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as you head to our store, tie up your accessories collection with a limited edition hello kitty charms and pastel bracelets and act quick before she says goodbye and not hello.. who knows when she will come for another visit ^^

home sweet home ? ?

holiday is over and it’s time to unpack your luggage and get ready to go back to work or school.. many people experience a certain let down after holidays >.< no more late nite snack in pyjama while it’s raining outside.. no more what to wear today to disneyland.. no more clumsiness.. no more cute winter outfit as you go back in town.. but let’s face it, that ship has probably sailed.. some hate it but some like it and can’t wait to go back to their daily routine.. which one are you? ^_____^

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the holiday might be over but it doesn’t have to be all gloom.. remember, home is where the heart is ෆ today we launch our new series called “Home Sweet Home” and you will see lots of cooking theme charms on our designs..

starting your day with a thankful heart coz this is the day The Lord has made, let’s rejoice and be glad in it..

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