more than i deserved ??

Actually, this blog post was originally posted in autumn 2014 ???? but i would love to re-tell the story with you all again, with some addition of how good God is..! I have thought long about this new post because I knew that The Lord would lead me to share my story with you.. and through all of the thinking, I am not really sure that Ican manage the right combination of words.. so I am going to write as the words come to my mind..

it’s time to tell you behind the scene of my instagram post, our designs and the marvelous work He has done during my very first trip for our live shopping back in 2012 until this very second..

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my first trip to Seoul was July 2007 and it was love at first sight!!! Seoul is treating me so well, it keeps me coming back and my trip to Seoul always make me smile ear to ear (and will always be) ^^ from summer to winter, spring to autumn, God always amazed me of how He showed me that His plans are way more better than mine and it’s the best..!!!

from the free charge of my overweight baggage (thanks Korean Air & Garuda), the multiple entry visa from the korean embassy (until 2020..!!!), the early check in, the free breakfast voucher from Sejong Hotel manager (too good to be true but thanks Mr. Charley Song), the extra kimbab from that ahjossi, the perfect cherry blossom spot for the photoshoot, the friendly ahjumma who always take note of my samgyetang order, our team work with GADIS magazine, a beautiful collaboration with Anaz Siantar (how can i forget that awesome response on our Anaz Bracelet back in 2013 and it always put a smile on my face everytime i see Anaz keep wearing it and also you, you and you..!!!), the crunchy leaves on the bench for our autumn photoshoot, the kindly hearted people that i met in Seoul whenever i asked for a direction, the loyal cutomers, that funny oppa who give me a super special price and asked for my kakao talk at the end of our convo, my take out coffee from the red truck by the park, our lookbook photoshoot + cafe hopping with Ken Lee, the crazy orders and so much more! it makes me realized that my God is the God of the impossible..

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most people thanking God for all the marvelous and “big” things that happened in their life and i used to be that kind of person.. we thank God for the big house, big screen TV or fancy car, but the big things in our lives are not the most important things. i rarely thanking God in “small” things.. but after the ups and downs, the way He showed me His help in every breath that i take, in every step that i make, once in a day, do thank Him.. start to thank God for your health, your family, your comfy room, thank Him for your morning coffee, thank God in everything though it seems simple to you because there’s no such thing as small help or big help from God.. it’s funny how it’s the little things in life that mean the most.. when was the last time you thanked God for your family, fave food on your table, those praying for you, the air you breathe? it’s easy to give thanks when things are going well, but we also need to give thanks when we are facing difficult times.. are you thankful no matter what? ☕️?

i was sitting at the park bench in Yeouido Park the other day and it was just me and my latte, then i started to look around and how amazing that i feel so grateful.. not because of the latte for sure and absolutely not because of the crazy orders on the web ever since i came back to Seoul but simply because of His faithfulness.. it is not always an easy walk with Him but in the end, it’s for our own good..

even in years to come, i want to be walking with God still, i want to be wherever, doing whatever He has called me to do with passion.. i don’t have the strength that i need to live the way God wants me to live. But when i turn to Him, i discover that “it is God who works in me to will and to act according to His good purpose” i want to be walking by the Spirit..  i am setting my eyes on Him and choosing the joy that i have in Him ^^ wherever He leads me is a good place to go..

my relationship with Jesus affects everything, it affects the way i treat my customers, how hard i work on our new designs and every decision that i make for my business.. The Word of God helps me to stay grounded in His promises.. The Lord has been so merciful to show me that life apart from Him is nothing and what i really want is to bring Him Glory.. He shows me the way in this business.. opportunities to pursue and opportunities to let go.. i wouldn’t be where i am today without His love, mercy, redemption and direction.. thanks Dad ??

Hanarupark 58

fraise series ??

it all started from a coffee talk one day.. how me and my friends used to drive around and share food & milk to the kids at the red light couple of years ago and we kinda miss those moments.. we want to do something similar and then this collaboration idea came up. we wanted to be helpful to those underprivileged kids and I said, why not??? we then come up with this plan to create a special christmas series and some of the proceeds will be given away to underprivileged kids. we wanted to make something special and we’ve been hard at work with our friends at “Sparky & Mag” to get that right. they specialize in soft-baked and chewy cookies which is perfect for christmas. you can check their instagram above.

Hanarupark 59

and today.. finally.. you can place your order on the web for this yummy fraise series. fraise is french for strawberry and inside you will find a box of strawberry milkshake cookies, topped with strawberry and milk chocochips and our limited edition bracelet. all will be packaged inside one cute minty package ??

Hanarupark 60

place your order today and we will send the cookies on December 10th and 16th, just perfect in time to send gift to your loved ones ^^ be quick!! we are selling only 50 package to customers. if you are quick you can get the limited edition pink totoro or mint totoro special bracelet..!!

Hanarupark 61

Hanarupark 62

milk and cookies makes the perfect blend that one fine day in yeouido park( 여의도공원 ) and everything strawberry is ideal for me ^.^

Hanarupark 63

today we are also launching a gazillion of new designs on our web inspired by a day in the park with coffee, colors of autumn, and the crunchy leaves.

thanking God every second, being here ??

autumn in Seoul without a doubt is the season I look forward to most ?? now that I am counting days to go back home in this lovely season.. jump for joy..!!! amazing things are on their way and I couldn’t be happier to be here for a while before my trip back home this week..

it’s all about believing.. you don’t know how it will happen but you know it will ^^ after spending the whole month preparing the new store, it’s about time to update the new look to you all ?? yes you can head to our store now to check out our new designs ^^

so much real love goes into those pieces so that they will put a smile in your face and others who take a glance into those beautiful, yet cuteness overloads, piece of jewelry. We like to think of it as a wearable art ^^ each design we launch is always born from prayer to prayer, and our prayer warriors are the true heroes of hanarupark..

Hanarupark 64

we got one project that we worked on with Sparky and Mag (our fave cookies…!!!) so to you all cookie lovers, please wait until next week to join this opportunity, by purchasing a box of strawberry milkshake cookies with strawberry and milk chocochips + our limited edition bracelet inside one cute package!! whether it’s for you or as a gift to family and friends, let’s share the love.. I will update the project from Seoul when we have got a cute image for you to see.. wait up all ^_______^

above all, I learned that the only way you can stand up on your feet is to get down on your knees and no luck needed as we are blessed by the hands of The Living God..