new blogpost – finallyyyyy…

It’s my second week back home.. freezing weather, always hungry but smiling ear to ear because today we finally launch our winter series on the web ^.^ and more to come as the days are shorter in winter >.<


his drama series called “oh my venus” that i watched on KBS got my attention especially for the clean eating and healthy lifestyle.. after watching it I decided to name out new necklace as “daegu venus” (if you watched the drama then you will get it)

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we mix stone necklace with 14K gold necklace this time.. head to our store to check em out..

this trip takes longer than planned, but that’s a good thing.. despite the cold I am having a blast and winter in seoul makes me enjoy all the cafe hops and warm soup more.. keep refreshing the store at hanarupark.com for some updates.. ☃

눈사람 만들고 싶으세요? ☃

Winter in Korea are no joke and 2011 probably the coldest winter experience i had in Seoul.. i still remember the frozen Han River that day.. layer up and bundle up and i had to walk everywhere i go.. that’s why i keep saying to myself, “걱정마세요, 봄은 곧 올거예요” (don’t worry, spring is coming soon) ❄️ Korean winters last from December to early March and the weather is usually cold and dry.. brrrrrrrrrr.. And winter in Seoul would not be the same without the scent of roasting sweet potatoes dominating street corners and subway exits, or the glow of chestnuts baking on beds of coal..

Hanarupark 53

looking back through our autumn designs, thanks to all of you who collect and grab them as soon as humanly possible on the web.. i still remember that day after photoshoot in Yeouido Park and publish the new designs on the web, i spent some more time sitting on the bench and away from my phone for a while.. our designs is our story written by God, and one of my fave is Hazel bracelet, where i put all the thoughtful charms into 1 meaningful travel bracelet.. The Holy Bible, iced coffee, smiling face, airplane charm, it tells a lot about my trip back home.. and more to come this winter..!!!

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here i am, busy preparing for our winter 2015 designs and will launch them on the web around mid December.. busy preparing the new designs to me is more like getting closer to God, i promised myself to wake up early and read more of His Word, pray more and humble myself before Him because i know for sure without His idea and direction, we can’t be here today and i still can’t believe that i reached the other side.. thanks Jesus..

Last but not least, dear followers, please wait a little bit more of our winter designs ok.. And dear winter, please be good to me..

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