God changes times and season.. seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night..


spring is a time when all lovely things are blossoming.. the return of the warmer weather not only brings countless beautiful wild flowers into bloom but also gives us a chance to spend more precious time outdoor.. (though it’s still cold but sunny..!!!)


i spent this spring with my twinzie from bench to bench for photoshoot but most of all, chit chat over latte ☕️


we experienced a lot of marvelous things and over the past few months hanarupark has been undergoing a major rethinking and rebranding of some sorts.

i bet you already see some changes across our blog and store and also in the designs that we do for our hidden gems..


first of all we changed our logo into mint and lagoon colors simply because that’s our fave colors and it’s just so hanarupark..

we think it’s time for this upgrade and all the while we hope hanarupark can continue to bless you and this direction of exclusivity and once-in-a lifetime design will still be in our core, but with a new look and fresh approach.


we love to create with new material in each series.. the new materials introduces new combinations and opened possibilities that is not possible before with hanarupark.. but anything is possible with Him ??


each design is created with its own touch and promises that no one else will have the same exact piece.. and from then on, it will be your story.. each design will be you and yours alone.. you will meet tons of berries in our store today ?? berries speak to us of abundance and healthy pleasures.. i adore berries.. for every spot on earth, it seems, there’s a berry to be picked..


it’s fun to buy special pieces but handmade accessories has a certain value and it’s the best feeling ?

as we journey and create new designs, the value of some of these materials are also now incorporated into the new items. some old staples will get an upgrade with new materials like kaoru and the bunnies and some new combinations as well ^^


when life challenges your faith, you may tend to wonder how much you have available.. the answer has already been given.. through the fish.. through the wine.. through the bread.. and in so many other ways..

our cup is not half empty..

it is overflowing..


the same God who painted spots on ladybug’s back, created you and knows you by name ^^ you too are a rare pattern.. one of a kind.. apple to His eyes ?? as for me He’s the best designer..


enjoy the color hints of spring ?