my cup overflows


God changes times and season.. seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night..


spring is a time when all lovely things are blossoming.. the return of the warmer weather not only brings countless beautiful wild flowers into bloom but also gives us a chance to spend more precious time outdoor.. (though it’s still cold but sunny..!!!)


i spent this spring with my twinzie from bench to bench for photoshoot but most of all, chit chat over latte ☕️


we experienced a lot of marvelous things and over the past few months hanarupark has been undergoing a major rethinking and rebranding of some sorts.

i bet you already see some changes across our blog and store and also in the designs that we do for our hidden gems..


first of all we changed our logo into mint and lagoon colors simply because that’s our fave colors and it’s just so hanarupark..

we think it’s time for this upgrade and all the while we hope hanarupark can continue to bless you and this direction of exclusivity and once-in-a lifetime design will still be in our core, but with a new look and fresh approach.


we love to create with new material in each series.. the new materials introduces new combinations and opened possibilities that is not possible before with hanarupark.. but anything is possible with Him ??


each design is created with its own touch and promises that no one else will have the same exact piece.. and from then on, it will be your story.. each design will be you and yours alone.. you will meet tons of berries in our store today ?? berries speak to us of abundance and healthy pleasures.. i adore berries.. for every spot on earth, it seems, there’s a berry to be picked..


it’s fun to buy special pieces but handmade accessories has a certain value and it’s the best feeling ?

as we journey and create new designs, the value of some of these materials are also now incorporated into the new items. some old staples will get an upgrade with new materials like kaoru and the bunnies and some new combinations as well ^^


when life challenges your faith, you may tend to wonder how much you have available.. the answer has already been given.. through the fish.. through the wine.. through the bread.. and in so many other ways..

our cup is not half empty..

it is overflowing..


the same God who painted spots on ladybug’s back, created you and knows you by name ^^ you too are a rare pattern.. one of a kind.. apple to His eyes ?? as for me He’s the best designer..


enjoy the color hints of spring ?


consider it all joy ?

happy New Year 2017 ?

thank you for being there from day one!



so sorry for the lack of post due to tons of work here and there in our playground ? but it tugs at my heart and when you enjoy what you do, it no longer becomes work ?✈☕


though real life isn’t through screens but i tried my best to show you more of Seoul and its cute everything through my instagram feed this year but no more lil stroll in the park due to the freezing weather ?✌to everything there is a season.. a time for every purpose under Heaven..



finally another winter series with more bunnies up on the web today after some delays ?✌ but i believe it all in His perfect timing ✝️ trust me, it’s easier to face the day when you know God is with you because you cannot face a day if you don’t face God first.. and the closer you live to God, the smaller everything else appears..


it is impossible to know the meaning of life if we do not know the Maker of life but to make time seeking God must be born out of love.. God always makes sure He can be found by those who take the time to look.. Simply put, those who earnestly seek God rather than wait for something to happen..


there is at least one good thing happening to us in the midst of pain and suffering.. it makes us humbly ourselves before God, down on our knees.. and it also makes us seek Him more than anything.. it makes us realize that we simply can’t do it without Him.. it makes our faith grow.. God has a purpose and that purpose is always good. We can count all things joy because God is working in all situations..


simple things do not have a price attached to them.. joy comes to us in ordinary moments ?? we risk missing out when we got too busy chasing down the extraordinary ☕


Nail the Detail ??

splitting my time between seoul and indonesia.. endlessly inspired by the little things found in God’s creation while getting through the week with the smell of ginkgo nuts ?✌️


the gingko tree is famous for its spectacular yellow leaves in autumn which become a tourist attraction in some districts but the problem is that they produces a smell that’s offensive to the nose ?✌️bear with me, maybe that’s what they said ??


there are around 114.000 ginkgo trees in Seoul and that would be 40% of all trees are ginkgo but only the female tree bear fruit that when are crushed, the smell is so strong like rotten egg or cheese ? but the smell of ginkgo nut is the price to pay for such a beautiful autumnal display ?


speaking of autumn, finally we launch our “autumn designs” on the web today ?? but before you start adding to cart, here’s the story behind our designs..


we can make our own plans but God gives the right answer.. we can make our plans but God determines our steps.. God is always working, even in seasons when we don’t see much.. i end up stay longer in every trip and i feel like i spent most of my time in Seoul lately.. i love exploring new area and i fell in love with Cheongdamdong (청담동) because it is less crowded than myeongdong (명동) or garosugil (가로수길) most people say that this is where the celebrities and CEO live but i never bumped into one of them (well maybe not yet ??)


berries are my candy and i had a big crush on hydrangea.. well if you follow me on instagram you can see that i post hydrangea flowers a lot..!!! i am powerless when it comes to hydrangea, its my kryptonite ? and that’s the reason why we design the hydrangea necklace and bracelet made of 925 sterling silver & gemstone ^^ then the crunchy leaves charm in our autumn bracelet..


there’s always a story in every design and look who’s back this autumn……. dominique is back with a new story from chit chat over coffee to a clean eating lifestyle!

there is a season for everything in life ??? as seasons change, enjoy where God has you ??????☃️❄️


 we pay more attention to the detail (detail game strong!!) and we had so much fun in nailing the detail with the creativity from The Creator because designing is a divine process ? and God is the best designer ever..!!!

if you believe in the little things that matter, we have tons of cute lil catch such as calendar, birthday card, totoro handkerchief, slipper, coffee cardigan, t-shirt and so much more!


it’s fun to buy special pieces but handmade accessories has a certain value (and it’s the best feeling ever! coz homemade and handmade is love ?) whether you’re in the mood for gold or silver, something sparkly or vintage, cuteness overloads or classic pearls, our autumn designs are just perfect to mix and match ^^ let’s start collecting our autumn designs ??

last but not least, God has made everything for his own purposes, i hope that may you find in our journey a cause for joy, for we have put our hope in His mighty hands ?


one seoul afternoon ???
it’s that time of day when i used to write these sentence ~* falling between spring and autumn ?? every summer has a story ☀️⛅️ and one can never have too many accessories ?

time flies.. really.. it’s august already.. counting weeks to September and step on crunchy leaves!!! ???

busy preparing the new designs is more like getting closer to God no matter what because i know for sure without His wisdom, idea and direction, we can’t be here today and i still can’t believe that i reached the other side ?? thanks my Lord Jesus we finally launch our pre fall designs on the web today ??? you will see a lot of bunnies in our new designs ?? and lovin the detail game strong in each designs + the story behind em all.. it’s all God’s expression to me.. enjoying the little things.. beyond grateful and thankful no matter what..

living in Korea means you will use KaTalk a lot.. if you use Kakao Talk you should know who is Majo and Sady ?? more like Brown and Cony, nope? Kakao Talk is pretty much the Korean version of Whatsapp but with cuter emo ?✌?️?
i went to Majo and Sady Cafe (마조앤새디카페) at Dongdaemun last week for a coffee break after finished with our pre fall designs ☕️? located just right in front of the iconic Gwanghuimun (광희문)


ain’t that easy to go through the heat and the rain in Seoul these summer ?✌?️oh well.. not to mention the pre fall preparation here & there.. i am trying to keep up with “ppalliiiiii ppalliiiiii” if you know what i mean ?✌?️ can’t wait for autumn but one thing i know for sure is that you are where God wants you to be at this very moment and every experience is part of His divine plan.. trust in His timing.. He knows what He’s doing ?? God has perfect timing.. never early.. never late.. it takes patience & faith.. and it’s worth the wait ??

beyond grateful to be here where i spent some wonderful years and where everything started ??☕️??
because our designs is our story written by God ???

long walks with my iced latte the other day and bumped into tons of hydrangea in the summer!!! here i am now writing this blog as the rain pours outside ☔️


if you noticed there are some changes in our web.. yup those animated banner that we put on the blog, shop and our story ^^ from summer to winter, spring to autumn, we collect moments and walk along with God and learned that a message from the heart will touch hearts ෆ


it’s not what you achieve, what you have, who you know or whether or not your dreams are fulfilled that makes your life beautiful but to know Your Living God ?? as long as people don’t fully understand that The Word is God, they will always think of the Bible as a book that they read before they go to bed or just an app from your smartphone that you read on sunday ꒰ ꒡⌓꒡꒱


beyond grateful is to know Your Living God.. to get to know who Your Creator is.. and one of the best moment would be on your knees because he who kneels before God can stand before anyone ?? so it’s not about who you hang out with or how cool is your job or what car that you drive if you wanna brag about it, but let it be that you fully understand and know Him and nothing else matter because God always make sure He can be found by those who take the time to look.. Simply put, those who earnestly seek God ??? and that’s the story behind one of our summer designs named “Faith Bracelet”


our design began with the idea of finding beauty in the everyday ? and instruction from God are often camouflaged as an idea dropped into your mind ? because designing is a divine process, we hope that people will notice not just our designs but our God.. when the work of our hands makes people smile, that’s where my heart is.. using the talent that He gives us through hanarupark to bring smiles to people’s faces, God smiles too ^__^ true that each person is given something to do that shows who God is.. it’s not always an easy path but you may never know that Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you have.. and the more we love God the more we will obey His commands ??? true that God has a reason for allowing things to happen.. we may never understand His wisdom but we simply has to trust His will ??


looking back to how it all started, do you still remember those live shopping back in 2013? running errands and glued to my phone due to never ending chat (✖╭╮✖) and when we sent some of our design to Anaz Siantar in Paris makes me jump for joy.. and i was smiling ear to ear when Anaz bring our bracelets to NYFW ^.^ never thought they will become everybody fave but i know without a doubt that this is all The Lord’ doing ?? none of me, all God ෆ


Hanaru Park has approached every design with wisdom, understanding, knowledge and with all kinds of skills from The Creator to make each piece beautifully designed with details on point ^^


 as you head to today you can check out more about our summer designs where each pieces made with attention to every details and the good news is that we just add some more on the shop..!!! and as for me it’s time for a good slurp of iced latte ٩꒰⍢ ꒱۶
hi summer..!!!

sometimes summer means rain in Seoul ☔️?? and as i checked the weather for the upcoming weeks, yesssss.. bring your umbrella everyday..!!

oh dear Seoul, your weather may be moody but i still love you to pieces ෆ

good thing is summer in seoul (june-august) means the day become longer and shorter night ?✌?️ well, there’s always a good side in everything..!! though wishing we could skip straight to autumn ???

my heart is full of joy as i sit here with my latte & fruits while doing tons of work! as we launched our summer designs the other day, here i am hunting for more summer item to put on the web real soon as we will workin on a special project for our summer designs from head to toe ^______^ you know that excitement you feel when you start a new project (or fall in love with someone!!) you know that feeling i am talking about..!

it feels good to be able to look back and rejoice over the fact that you didn’t quit!

all ready to be unpacked.. happy busy day ahead but still time to enjoy and have my coffee break ☕️? catch them all in the next update and coming soon to the store..

as you read this blog, i’ll be walking in the rain along Seoul streets ☔️?? kindly check our instagram from time to time for more updates and enjoy the summer dose on the web ^__________^

the work of His hands ꒰ღ˘◡˘ற꒱✯*.。✿ ✿

one of the prettiest times of year in the park is now ? hey you cherry blossom, breathtaking in its beauty, bittersweet in its brevity ?? as the fallin petals leaves me speechless, i remain that way.. say nothing and listen as God whispers, “do you like it? I did it just for you.” ????

how can i forget those pink carpet while sippin my latte that day ☕️? though the Spring Festival at Yeouido Park was packed (definitely not my liking ?✌?️) but bumped into tons of pastel cotton candy makes my heart skipped a beat (nope, not even 1 tiny bite for myself..!)

most of the story behind our designs is inspired by a day’ stroll in the park, especially in this spring season.. enjoy the little things people sometimes ignore ☕️ the perfect weather, cherry blossom, the park benches (and cotton candy!!!) ? all these are God’ expression, the work of His hands ?? each design we launch is born from prayer to prayer, and our prayer warriors are the true heroes of hanarupark..

i learned that it’s not always an easy path with God but i wanna be obedience and faithful because God whispers to me in pleasures and shouts in pains ??? but i do believe it’s for my own good!!!

workin on some exciting projects this spring makes me jump for joy and as i received may edition of cosmopolitan magazine yesterday, i thanked God for all these opportunities and learn to humble myself more because none of me, all God ??

Know the purpose of success.. Why did God help you succeed? So you can make Him known ? remember, whatever you do, work heartily, as for The Lord and not for men..

it’s been a busy week for me as we prepare for the new look of our website and thanks for everyone at idea tree for making it happen!! (yes i looked at those moving icons in my website many many times already ?) be thankful in ups and downs because character cannot be developed in ease and quiet but only through experience of trial and suffering, your soul be strengthened.. we do not come to know Him in the blessing, but in the breaking.. And it is in the storm that He does His finest work, for it is in storm that He got us down on our knees ??
and I can go on forever writing my love for Jesus and spring ?✌?️ well.. last but not least, this is love.. that we walk in obedience to His commands ?? and His command is that you walk in love so wear love everywhere you go ෆ


~* no matter how long and cold the winter, spring is sure to follow
isn’t it amazing how God surprised us by lil things in life.. such as today’ weather..

we’re on our meeting, tons of work and while we’re focusing on our spring talk designs on our table and busy arranged the photoshoot property, suddenly God surprised us with a very warm greeting.. IT’S SNOWING and IT’S SPRING ☃
we are truly feels that God’s love poured out all over the place..

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

actually last week we’re sayin goodbye to winter and jump for joy to welcome spring the season where all trees & flowers love to show off ^.^ but the weather still freezing cold and rainy sometimes here.. but thank God my twinzie is in town so we can finish tons of work and hunting together

and.. today we finally open our store >.~ (after tons of meeting and hunting) as you head to you will notice our spring designs with firm attention paid to the smallest details..  i’d never design jewelry i wouldn’t wear myself

spring talk 2

let us talk the talk and walk the walk this spring, counting moments this spring from sipping your fave latte, a slice of cake after tons of work, back to reality and attending small gathering with fams.. make sure u don’t missed out our ultimate classic design in details and handcrafted with lots of passion

from bracelet to necklace, brooch to pouch.. it’s all about details, details and details ^______^ ah details.. love them forever more..

 spring talk 3

~* it’s my 3rd week back home in Seoul and counting..

after finishing all my work for today, it’s important to take the time to truly appreciate the beauty around you and be grateful for wherever you are at this second.. for me is to have my latte, the smell of coffee, and blogging away ~*

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I am sorry for the lack of post due to tons of translation work here since day one, never ending kakao talk chat and I feel like those hangul letter flying all over my head.. I do lots of walking in this freezing weather but it’s not snowy weather.. nope, I am not complaining at all, but I am beyond grateful, especially for His direction.. wherever He leads me is a good place to go..

I find joy in everyday, not because life is always good but because God is, and I wanna be faithful with what I have in my hands today, no matter how small it is because that’s the seed of God’s greatness in me ??

I have been clean eating and doing well and counting my blessing and fightiiiiing..!!!


today we are closing our store temporarily (no worries) but counting days to launch again with our new designs.. let me sit and sip before heading back home tonight and watch the last episode of “Oh My Venus” on KBS >.<

sometimes i just look up, smile and say, “I know that was You, God..!! thanks..!!!”


new blogpost – finallyyyyy…

It’s my second week back home.. freezing weather, always hungry but smiling ear to ear because today we finally launch our winter series on the web ^.^ and more to come as the days are shorter in winter >.<


his drama series called “oh my venus” that i watched on KBS got my attention especially for the clean eating and healthy lifestyle.. after watching it I decided to name out new necklace as “daegu venus” (if you watched the drama then you will get it)

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

we mix stone necklace with 14K gold necklace this time.. head to our store to check em out..

this trip takes longer than planned, but that’s a good thing.. despite the cold I am having a blast and winter in seoul makes me enjoy all the cafe hops and warm soup more.. keep refreshing the store at for some updates.. ☃