happy New Year 2017 ?

thank you for being there from day one!



so sorry for the lack of post due to tons of work here and there in our playground ? but it tugs at my heart and when you enjoy what you do, it no longer becomes work ?✈☕


though real life isn’t through screens but i tried my best to show you more of Seoul and its cute everything through my instagram feed this year but no more lil stroll in the park due to the freezing weather ?✌to everything there is a season.. a time for every purpose under Heaven..



finally another winter series with more bunnies up on the web today after some delays ?✌ but i believe it all in His perfect timing ✝️ trust me, it’s easier to face the day when you know God is with you because you cannot face a day if you don’t face God first.. and the closer you live to God, the smaller everything else appears..


it is impossible to know the meaning of life if we do not know the Maker of life but to make time seeking God must be born out of love.. God always makes sure He can be found by those who take the time to look.. Simply put, those who earnestly seek God rather than wait for something to happen..


there is at least one good thing happening to us in the midst of pain and suffering.. it makes us humbly ourselves before God, down on our knees.. and it also makes us seek Him more than anything.. it makes us realize that we simply can’t do it without Him.. it makes our faith grow.. God has a purpose and that purpose is always good. We can count all things joy because God is working in all situations..


simple things do not have a price attached to them.. joy comes to us in ordinary moments ?? we risk missing out when we got too busy chasing down the extraordinary ☕