long walks with my iced latte the other day and bumped into tons of hydrangea in the summer!!! here i am now writing this blog as the rain pours outside ☔️


if you noticed there are some changes in our web.. yup those animated banner that we put on the blog, shop and our story ^^ from summer to winter, spring to autumn, we collect moments and walk along with God and learned that a message from the heart will touch hearts ෆ


it’s not what you achieve, what you have, who you know or whether or not your dreams are fulfilled that makes your life beautiful but to know Your Living God ?? as long as people don’t fully understand that The Word is God, they will always think of the Bible as a book that they read before they go to bed or just an app from your smartphone that you read on sunday ꒰ ꒡⌓꒡꒱


beyond grateful is to know Your Living God.. to get to know who Your Creator is.. and one of the best moment would be on your knees because he who kneels before God can stand before anyone ?? so it’s not about who you hang out with or how cool is your job or what car that you drive if you wanna brag about it, but let it be that you fully understand and know Him and nothing else matter because God always make sure He can be found by those who take the time to look.. Simply put, those who earnestly seek God ??? and that’s the story behind one of our summer designs named “Faith Bracelet”


our design began with the idea of finding beauty in the everyday ? and instruction from God are often camouflaged as an idea dropped into your mind ? because designing is a divine process, we hope that people will notice not just our designs but our God.. when the work of our hands makes people smile, that’s where my heart is.. using the talent that He gives us through hanarupark to bring smiles to people’s faces, God smiles too ^__^ true that each person is given something to do that shows who God is.. it’s not always an easy path but you may never know that Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you have.. and the more we love God the more we will obey His commands ??? true that God has a reason for allowing things to happen.. we may never understand His wisdom but we simply has to trust His will ??


looking back to how it all started, do you still remember those live shopping back in 2013? running errands and glued to my phone due to never ending chat (✖╭╮✖) and when we sent some of our design to Anaz Siantar in Paris makes me jump for joy.. and i was smiling ear to ear when Anaz bring our bracelets to NYFW ^.^ never thought they will become everybody fave but i know without a doubt that this is all The Lord’ doing ?? none of me, all God ෆ


Hanaru Park has approached every design with wisdom, understanding, knowledge and with all kinds of skills from The Creator to make each piece beautifully designed with details on point ^^


 as you head to www.brownplatform.com today you can check out more about our summer designs where each pieces made with attention to every details and the good news is that we just add some more on the shop..!!! and as for me it’s time for a good slurp of iced latte ٩꒰⍢ ꒱۶