it’s that time of day when i used to write these sentence ~* falling between spring and autumn ?? every summer has a story ☀️⛅️ and one can never have too many accessories ?

time flies.. really.. it’s august already.. counting weeks to September and step on crunchy leaves!!! ???

busy preparing the new designs is more like getting closer to God no matter what because i know for sure without His wisdom, idea and direction, we can’t be here today and i still can’t believe that i reached the other side ?? thanks my Lord Jesus we finally launch our pre fall designs on the web today ??? you will see a lot of bunnies in our new designs ?? and lovin the detail game strong in each designs + the story behind em all.. it’s all God’s expression to me.. enjoying the little things.. beyond grateful and thankful no matter what..

living in Korea means you will use KaTalk a lot.. if you use Kakao Talk you should know who is Majo and Sady ?? more like Brown and Cony, nope? Kakao Talk is pretty much the Korean version of Whatsapp but with cuter emo ?✌?️?
i went to Majo and Sady Cafe (마조앤새디카페) at Dongdaemun last week for a coffee break after finished with our pre fall designs ☕️? located just right in front of the iconic Gwanghuimun (광희문)


ain’t that easy to go through the heat and the rain in Seoul these summer ?✌?️oh well.. not to mention the pre fall preparation here & there.. i am trying to keep up with “ppalliiiiii ppalliiiiii” if you know what i mean ?✌?️ can’t wait for autumn but one thing i know for sure is that you are where God wants you to be at this very moment and every experience is part of His divine plan.. trust in His timing.. He knows what He’s doing ?? God has perfect timing.. never early.. never late.. it takes patience & faith.. and it’s worth the wait ??

beyond grateful to be here where i spent some wonderful years and where everything started ??☕️??