splitting my time between seoul and indonesia.. endlessly inspired by the little things found in God’s creation while getting through the week with the smell of ginkgo nuts ?✌️


the gingko tree is famous for its spectacular yellow leaves in autumn which become a tourist attraction in some districts but the problem is that they produces a smell that’s offensive to the nose ?✌️bear with me, maybe that’s what they said ??


there are around 114.000 ginkgo trees in Seoul and that would be 40% of all trees are ginkgo but only the female tree bear fruit that when are crushed, the smell is so strong like rotten egg or cheese ? but the smell of ginkgo nut is the price to pay for such a beautiful autumnal display ?


speaking of autumn, finally we launch our “autumn designs” on the web today ?? but before you start adding to cart, here’s the story behind our designs..


we can make our own plans but God gives the right answer.. we can make our plans but God determines our steps.. God is always working, even in seasons when we don’t see much.. i end up stay longer in every trip and i feel like i spent most of my time in Seoul lately.. i love exploring new area and i fell in love with Cheongdamdong (청담동) because it is less crowded than myeongdong (명동) or garosugil (가로수길) most people say that this is where the celebrities and CEO live but i never bumped into one of them (well maybe not yet ??)


berries are my candy and i had a big crush on hydrangea.. well if you follow me on instagram you can see that i post hydrangea flowers a lot..!!! i am powerless when it comes to hydrangea, its my kryptonite ? and that’s the reason why we design the hydrangea necklace and bracelet made of 925 sterling silver & gemstone ^^ then the crunchy leaves charm in our autumn bracelet..


there’s always a story in every design and look who’s back this autumn……. dominique is back with a new story from chit chat over coffee to a clean eating lifestyle!

there is a season for everything in life ??? as seasons change, enjoy where God has you ??????☃️❄️


 we pay more attention to the detail (detail game strong!!) and we had so much fun in nailing the detail with the creativity from The Creator because designing is a divine process ? and God is the best designer ever..!!!

if you believe in the little things that matter, we have tons of cute lil catch such as calendar, birthday card, totoro handkerchief, slipper, coffee cardigan, t-shirt and so much more!


it’s fun to buy special pieces but handmade accessories has a certain value (and it’s the best feeling ever! coz homemade and handmade is love ?) whether you’re in the mood for gold or silver, something sparkly or vintage, cuteness overloads or classic pearls, our autumn designs are just perfect to mix and match ^^ let’s start collecting our autumn designs ??

last but not least, God has made everything for his own purposes, i hope that may you find in our journey a cause for joy, for we have put our hope in His mighty hands ?